Italy: against the cracked cryptoсurrency exchange BitGrail, an application was filed for bankruptcy by a law firm

Italy: against the cracked cryptoсurrency exchange BitGrail, an application was filed for bankruptcy by a law firm


The Italian legal firm BonelliErede, presenting the victims of breaking of cryptocurrency exchange of BitGrail, went to the Italian law a solicitor about announcement of exchange a bankrupt in accordance with the article 6 bankruptcy Law Italy, representative BonelliErede, declared on Friday, on April, 27, in reddit.

This step is the newest development in war of words and advocates, that exploded between a proprietor BitGrail, Francesco “The Bomber” Firano and the Nano Foundation, as an exchange reported about a loss 17 million tokens Nano (XRB) (by a cost about 187 mln  dollars of the USA when it was reported, and 124 million dollars  during a press-conference). In an interview CT, Firano declared that a theft was dated on January, 19, but she was first reported on February, 8, 2018.

According to a middle report, published BitGrailVictimsGroup, BonelliErede gives a solicitor about bankruptcy on behalf of creditor of BitGrail Espen Enger, with that until now allegedly more than 3000 declarants entered into a contact. On reports, most victims reported Enger, that they “prefer the immediate account of assets of BitGrail at bankruptcy”, fearing further exhaustion of the assets.

In February the developers of Nano published accusing of that Firano  asked to change the register of alcocines “for coverage of the losses”, and also, as becomes firmly established, to “mislead” an association in relation to solvency of exchange.

Firano  alluded to that an error is related not to the exchange, and with Nano “fully by unreliable” protocol indicative on disparities of temporal marks in the sectional block of Nanode.

In the middle of March BitGrail promised to return victims, suggesting to cover 80 percents of losses, producing it recently produced tokens BitGrail Shares (BGS), and remaining 20 of percents – in XRB. Reservation consisted in that victims will have to sign an agreement, to give up some court claims against an exchange.

A legal saga, nevertheless, flew up in April, when court claim demanded in matters of the USA, that a command Nano Core hardly worked out protocol of tokens for indemnification to the victims. Since Nano decided to sponsor a legal fund, to give to all victims of BitGrail a legal representative office in a collaboration with BonelliErede and Enger.

According to questioning on Twitter from “The Bomber” from February, 18, 79 percents from 7 610 respondents in Twitter would prefer to examine bankruptcy of exchange file, but not to proceed in it.

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