Israeli company Spondoolies-Tech returned to the market with a new ASIC-miner

Israeli company Spondoolies-Tech returned to the market with a new ASIC-miner


That of you, who already the not first year engages in the booty of “digital gold”, probably, remember the Israel producer of equipment for mining bitcoin Spondoolies – Tech stopping the activity yet at the beginning of 2016. Alike, a company returned with the same command and new ASIC-mining. However, for this time Spondoolies Tech goes to the market not with Bitcoin ASIC, and with very powerful and expensive enough ASIC for the algorithm X11. Spondoolies Tech SPx36 is a new instrument, that, probably, can provide hashrate 540 GH /s with the consumption of energy 4,4 kW, that gives a coefficient to efficiency in 8,1 J/Gh/s. Beginning of deliveries is pre-arranged on October, 2018, however the cost of device in $15500 USD, in our view, is high to indecency.

Spondoolies Tech SPx36

Technical descriptions:

– hashrate: 540 GH / s (+/- 10% at 25  C);

– watts-in: 4400 W;

– efficiency: 8,1 J / GH / s;

– working temperature: 5-35  C;

– sizes with PSU: 595 x 434 x a 88 mm;

– gross weight: 19,5 kg;

– warranty term: 180 days.

In spite of the fact that Spondoolies Tech returned to the market and their new product very interesting, hardly he with such price will be attractive for miners, taking into account a situation at the market. At present terms miner will obtain about 10 chinks of DASH in a month (approximately 10% from the cost of device), that not so badly, but however for many a risk can be not justified, and whether it is needed to invest in Spondoolies Tech SPx36 or no – to decide to you.

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