Iran has developed legislation for the national cryptocurrency

Iran has developed legislation for the national cryptocurrency


The National Center for Cyberspace of Iran reported on the completion of the bill on the national cryptocurrency, the Financial Tribune reports.

The draft of the national cryptocurrency was developed in accordance with the instructions of the Iranian President Hasan Ruhani. According to the deputy head of the local Council for Cyberspace, Said Mahdiyyin, his department actively promotes the idea of ​​a national cryptocurrency, which can serve as a tool for circumvention of US sanctions.

Mahdiyyun also noted that the authorities of the country will soon eliminate legal uncertainty in the sphere of cryptocurrencies, since the Central Bank of Iran intends in September this year to clarify the official position on this issue.

At present, Iranian banks and other credit institutions are prohibited from carrying out operations with cryptocurrencies due to concerns of local authorities regarding the risks of money laundering

Earlier this month, Accenture, a consulting company, published a report stating that the groups supported by the Iranian government and local criminal elements are engaged in the distribution of cryptocurrency extortion programs on a global scale.

Recall that since May this year, Iranian users have problems with access to the crypto-exchange area.

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