Intuit received a patent for the technology of processing bit-commerce transactions using SMS messages

Intuit received a patent for the technology of processing bit-commerce transactions using SMS messages


Intuit, Californian developer of financial software for business, got a patent on treatment bitcoin transactions by means of the text sms messages.

In the patent, published on August, 7 by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Intuit in detail describes the system of digital registration records of users, that allows to the participants to translate bitcoins by means of mobile phones unassisted strange applications. A company first gave a registration statement this patent in year 2014, after own service of QuickBooks Bitcoin Payments, processing bitcoin systems for small business.

“A invention behaves to the method treatment bitcoin payments. A method implies a receipt pay service from the mobile phone of payer sms messages, containing information about the sum translation and identifier the mobile device payer”.

It is marked that verification information about the payment conducted by means textual report will come true in several ways.

For treatment of transaction it will be required also to send the “query password, related to the account of user”. Another way envisages using vocal reports as additional verification, that comes true by means of the “phone call automatically thrown down by service of payment”.

In spite of the prolonged consideration the patent request, Intuit continues to develop the cryptocurrency pay decisions. Before a company concluded the partner acceding to the provider payments Veem for development system of the international crypto payments.

Recently the company of nChain got the European patent on, so-called, “system of the digital safety”, describing the “determined method generation of the keys, providing the improved safe connection between the pair  knots network bitcoin and saving here in secret private keys”. Vitalik Buterin openly scarified the research company of nChain, saying that a company offered nothing new in the plan the  innovations and just uses stranger old works in the blockchain programming area.

We will remind, last month the network of wholesale-retail trade Walmart gave a next patent request on blockchain technology for watching and storage postal mails.

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