In the network appeared 132-page white paper Telegram Open Network


In the Telegram channels dedicated to the approaching ICO Telegram Open Network (TON), which the creators of the original instant messenger are supposed to be, white paper is spreading, containing detailed information about the upcoming project. The document consists of 132 pages, which corresponds to the description previously provided by TechCrunch.

As the author of white paper, the elder brother of Pavel Durov Nikolay, who is the co-founder of the Telegram project, is listed.

In the introduction, the TON is described as follows:

“The Telegram Open Network (TON) is a project of a fast, secure and scalable block system and network capable of handling millions of transactions per second that are simultaneously targeted at both users and service providers. TON can be considered as a huge distributed supercomputer or even as a huge “super server” designed to host and provide a wide range of services.”

The author of the document notes that it does not contain the final information about all the details of the project.

“Some information can be changed during development and testing,” he writes.

The main part of the document is devoted to the principles of the TON blockchain, including the methods of communication “shardchain”, which will represent the smaller elements of the “workchain”, which in turn enter the main blockchain or “masterchain”.

Separately, the principles of the functioning of applications and the operation of payment channels are described (the possibility of using the Lightning Network technology is considered), as well as the own TON Gram network’s criticality. According to white paper, Gram is used to deposit the deposits needed to become a validator, and cover commissions related to the transfer of transactions, the processing of smart contracts and the storage of data.

Earlier, the “Durov Code” portal reported that unknown persons conduct fraudulent mailings on behalf of TON creators and offer to participate in the upcoming ICO project.

In the letter, the attackers report that information about ICO TON will be posted on the Bitcointalk forum on February 1, 2018, and the initial cost of 1 Gram will be $ 0.15, and they will propose to follow the link for more details.

Earlier, Pavel Durov stated that the information related to Telegram is published only on the official website of the project Information obtained from other sources is likely to be a scum, he explained.

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