In Scotland, began to treat dependent on the cryptocurrency trade patients

In Scotland, began to treat dependent on the cryptocurrency trade patients


The medical institution in Scotland began to receive patients suffering from “cryptocurrency dependence”, writes Evening Standard.

Hospital Craig has developed a separate course for inpatient rehabilitation of patients who will be recognized as dependent on cryptocurrency trading.

Experts told the Evening Standard that the trade in cryptocurrencies can become a form of dependent behavior, suffering from which traders check the traffic charts of cryptocurrencies every minute. The treatment program more closely resembles the methods used to rehabilitate people suffering from gambling addiction, rather than those who show drug dependence.

Specialist for gambling addiction, Castle Craig Chris Berne said:

“High risk and market fluctuations cryptocurrency attracts patients suffering from gambling addiction. Such trading gives them excitement and the opportunity to escape from the surrounding reality. Bitcoin, for example, is actively traded, earning and losing large sums. This is the situation of a classic bubble.”

Tony Marini, who in the past depended on gambling and cocaine, is leading some of the center’s new programs. He argues that “the key to getting rid of dependence lies in the formation of a life structure,” and adds: “I believe that trading cryptocurrencies is a way to get away from ourselves in another world, because people do not like the world in which they live. The first part of the treatment is joining to a group of the same dependent, where everyone tells how he came to this. So they can establish contact with other participants and understand that they are not alone.”

The medical institution reports that it is impossible to give an accurate estimate of the number of dependent crypto-traders to date, but around 13 million people are involved in this system worldwide.

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