In Great Britain, an electric bike with the cryptocurrency mining function was created

In Great Britain, an electric bike with the cryptocurrency mining function was created


British company 50Cycles presented the first in the world electro bicycle able to obtain cryptocurrency. Coindais writes about it.

An electro bicycle under the name Toba will offer a reward in size of £20 or $26, 50 in created for the increase loyalty to the brands tokens LoyalCoin (LYL). A reward for every 1600 kilometres will be £20 ($26, 56) for the every thousand miles run. Looking after mining comes true through the special program, set on a smartphone, and private keys, confirmative a right for possession chinks, will be kept in a device on the most transport vehicle.

According to him, creation cryptocurrency miner with a pedal drive confirms aspiration of the company to work with NT.

“Our company always wanted to be on a step ahead. Just as we saw potential in electro bicycles 15 back in the Tokyo, today we see large prospects in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and tokenization products”, – Snaith added.

In 50cycles marked also, that on this stage a company cooperates with the being based in Swiss Zuge startup of Loyaltycoin, however in the future the electro bicycles of Toba will have own token, that will join large family of digital assets. Tokens LYL presently bargain only on one exchange – Cryptopia.

It is expected that the first party of such bicycles will appear at the market already by this autumn, however cheap them will not name: the most inexpensive model will cost £1695 ($2250).

As written before, to the start of world Cup on football the blockchain platform of Waves produced 100 thousand, that will be up-diffused between the users of platform, and also players and trainers of the combined team of Russia, tokens MutCoin (MTN).

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