In Ethereum extension MetaMask added support for hardware wallets Trezor

In Ethereum extension MetaMask added support for hardware wallets Trezor


The developers of MetaMask have released a new version (v.4.9.0) of the popular browser extension, which supports hardware wallets Trezor.

From now Trezor users can connect their device with MetaMask, which will give the following options:

  • check the balance of Ethereum and tokens based on it;
  • sign Ethereum transactions;
  • sign messages, which allows authorization / registration in some decentralized applications (dapps), including CryptoKitties.

According to the developers, a high degree of security for private keys of MetaMask users will be provided by Trezor hardware device.

The MetaMask team also believes that integration with Trezor hardware wallets will increase the overall level of reliability of the dhere’s ecosystem based on Ethereum.

To associate MetaMask with the Trezor wallet, the user needs to perform several steps:

  • Update to the latest version of the Chrome-extension MetaMask;
  • click on the extension icon in the upper right corner of the browser, after which the message “Connect Hardware Wallet” will appear;
  • connect the hardware purse to the PC and click “Connect To TREZOR”;
  • confirm the export of the key and select the Ethereum account.

Among other innovations in version 4.9.0 are automatic token detection and support for ENS + IPFS.

The developers noted that in the future support for Trezor will be added to the MetaMask extensions for other browsers.

Also now the possibility of integration with Ledger hardware wallets is being considered.

Also in the new version of MetaMask the interface has been updated, various small functions have been added.

Recall that in July Google suddenly and without warning removed the plugin MetaMask from the Chrome Web Store, but soon after that he returned it to the store.

Recall that last month the MetaMask extension without warning was removed from the Chrome Web Store for a while.

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