In December, ICO first attracted more than $ 1 billion in one month


While bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies attracted the attention of media and traders in December, a new record was set in the ICO area without any noise: over the past month start-ups attracted more than $ 1 billion, reports.

And although the definition of “small” campaigns does not suit the sphere where start-ups attract millions of dollars without having even a full-fledged team, not to mention the work product, it is obvious that the share of especially large ICOs is decreasing with time. The last project, which collected more than $ 200 million, was Filecoin, which completed its ICO in September. Before that, Tezos reported on similar results, later violating the promises given to investors, which could serve as the reason for the reduction of fees for individual campaigns in the fourth quarter of 2017.

In the rest, this period was even more successful than the previous one. In December, ICO conducted Sirin Labs ($ 158 million), Bankex ($ 70 million), Nebulas ($ 60 million) and Blockstack ($ 52 million).

Totally for 2017, according to the Tokendata portal, start-ups attracted $ 5.6 billion through ICO. At the same time, on average, each of 442 campaigns accounted for $ 4.5 million. Tokendata does not take into account the small ICO, therefore its data differ from those of the ICO portals Alert and Tokenreport, which report on values ​​approaching $ 6 billion.

From the perspective of investors ICO remain a profitable investment, but experts say the days of guaranteed yield have passed. According to some estimates, two-thirds of the ICO have not been able to reach the minimum funding threshold. Thus, out of 400 ICOs conducted in 2017, only 35% reported achieving their goals. The silence of the others may indicate that the results did not meet the expectations of the organizers.

According to Tokendata, the average ICO return for investors in 2017 was 12.8x. It is unlikely that they should count on such indicators in 2018, as the unexplored pearls are encountered less and less. However, even well-known to the general public, ICO are able to demonstrate high profitability. In particular, to conduct an interesting ICO on its specialized site, the Binance Exchange chooses.

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