Important update at LitePal in this week


Update business registration LitePal

This week the company LitePal successfully completed the registration process of their business in Australian securities Commission and investment. The company now trades under the official ABN (Australian Business Number) and officially uses the name LITEPAL.


This is the Official document of registration of the company LitePal

This quick step was necessary to reinforce the credibility of the company. Officially registered business provides the safety of merchants and customers around the world.


LitePal will become the industry leading platform. LitePal works actively with legal advice on preparing the international registration of trademarks in several countries, which are believed to be the key to success.

This is considered as another milestone, which LitePal need to reach in order to further separate himself from the current market and to maintain the highest possible level of integrity to lead the market to a new era of treatment cryptanalytic payments.

After a few weeks in LitePal will be an update and additional information.

Development update

The development is moving forward at the speed of light. LitePal believes that security should be the basis of all development. Strict quality control procedures to ensure the security and code review to ensure exceeding all industry standards.

LitePal actively testing the payment infrastructure and the overall system to prepare for all possible scenarios of the future. Team LitePal does not feel that at this point it is safe to release any beta or limited release.

LitePal unlikely to become the object of high-tech cyber attacks in connection with the fact that most of the payments made on the payment platform LitePal are transferred almost instantly to the payment vendors, this reduced risk is another reason why LitePal will lead the industry to a new era of treatment cryptanalytic payments. LitePal that the seller is always in control of their funds.

Much of the infrastructure payments in Bitcoin and Litecoin is almost complete, waiting for a more thorough check of the load and security.

Increase the speed of development means that LitePal now ahead of schedule quite a lot, expected release date was initially set for Q2 to Q3 of 2018, but the issue is possible long before that.

Update website

The company LitePal working on a more appropriate website design that will be more qualitative and advanced. The company says – “the current design of the website is a misrepresentation of philosophy LitePal, so we took the time to fix it as soon as possible.”

A preliminary design for a new website, 

see Below.

That’s all the news for today. In the future the company promises to make an update every week.

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