ICON (ICX) token transactions were frozen due to a bug in a smart contract

ICON (ICX) token transactions were frozen due to a bug in a smart contract


A bug in the ICON smart contract could have caused the impossibility of sending ICX tokens at the moment. This is written by Bitcoinist.

As one of the users of Reddit reported, the ICON smart contract found the same bug as in the contract for another cryptocurrency project called Yggdrash. Presumably, these contracts contain an error in the modifier code.

The error can contain the modifier “onlyFromWallet”, which enables/disables the possibility of sending ICX tokens. Instead of “! =” You must use “==”. In the presented version of the code, the smart contract considers that the wallet address does not correspond to the specified address, when in fact it is not. Thus, anyone can turn on and off the ability to send tokens. As the author of the original message on Reddit informs, someone sends appeals to the contract, disabling the function.

Binance, previously stated that it will support the conversion of tokens into coins of the main network, presumably turned off the ICX wallet. Reddit users report that Binance resumed operations with ICON tokens, but the bug in the code of the smart contract remains.

Although fixing this bug should not be a problem, it can be another reason for changing the terms of token exchange. Despite the fact that the main ICON network was launched in January, the developers have always postponed the moment of exchange.

ICON co-founder Min Kim on Twitter acknowledged the existence of the problem, calling it a “small bug.” According to him, the developers have already submitted a temporary solution and will completely eliminate the error during the day.

However, several people report that they are facing the same problem. The data of the smart contract shows that a lot of transactions continue to be rejected. Users on social networks, expectedly, criticized the ICON team, saying that a project with a capitalization of $800 million should perform a thorough audit of its code before launching it.

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