IBM and NGO Global Citizen announce competition for charity blockchain platform

IBM and NGO Global Citizen announce competition for charity blockchain platform


The American multinational technological giant IBM cooperates with Global Citizen, by NGO  wrestling with poverty, for sponsoring competition on the platform sectional flow-charts eleemosynary help, talked in a report in the blog May, 11.

According to the statement IBM, one tasks standing before philanthropic organizations is providing that the endowed facilities were used by effective and effective character, that right for the mission organization. In a press-release talked:

“If we will work out social problems, such as extreme poverty or infectious diseases, we must make sure, that every reason consists in the receipt of the money promised to them, especially from the most influential donor group in the world: federal governments”.

A competition of IBM and Global Citizen are aimed at creation stimulus for creation sectional platform that can be applied for watching philanthropic obligations from their receipt to their possible use.

A competition “Accepted challenge” asks participants to create a network from three persons on the platform of IBM Blockchain, where offering and transfers costs on certain reasons come true by a government, register oneself in organizations help and become firmly established Global Citizen.

Winning presentation will have the minimum viable product presented on the web site IBM, and a seminar will be conducted with participation IBM, Global Citizen and branch leaders for a discussion that, how to realize an appendix, and their code will be accessible to other programmers working on analogical projects.

Last year the British sectional eleemosynary platform Alice announced a pilot platform for an eleemosynary help on the basis blockchain. Alice began to test a platform, that uses smart contracts for offering to the eleemosynary organizations intended for a mission, in London organization support homeless St Mungo.

Yesterday eleemosynary organization Bitcoin-only (BTC), well-known as Fund of pineapples, declared completion of the mission of offering 5104 BTC on different eleemosynary organizations all over the world. Charity was begun on a background the historical slump costs BTC in December, 2017 by an anonymous philanthropist that passed on the nickname Pine.

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