"I don't need this billion" - Mark Karpeles intends to settle with the creditors of Mt.Gox at the current rate

“I don’t need this billion” – Mark Karpeles intends to settle with the creditors of Mt.Gox at the current rate


The former head of the once largest bitcoin stock exchange, Mt.Gox, once again apologized for his actions during the collapse of his company in 2014.

This Wednesday, Mark Karpeles published a message to former Exchange users, many of whom have been trying to get their own money back for several years. In his letter, Karpeles rejected the idea that he could get out of that history with a huge fortune if the case was considered by a Japanese court.

As previously reported, Mark Karpeles can receive hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoins, if the calculation with creditors will be made in accordance with Japanese laws, that is, in yen at the rate at the time of declaring bankruptcy of the company.

According to Karpeles, his company and himself could receive over 160,000 bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash or more than $1 billion at the current rate.

“I don’t need this. I don’t need this billion dollars. From the first day, I didn’t expect to receive anything from this bankruptcy. The fact that today it’s possible is a phantasmagoria. I believe that my task is to prevent this,” he wrote.

Karpeles claims that he intends to support the “civil rehabilitation” plan, according to which the exchange will settle with its creditors at the current rate.

“I never thought that this would happen that way. I’m forever to blame for what happened, and the influence that this situation has had on all those involved in it,” he concluded.

Unfortunately, in his message, Carpeles did not provide details of future calculations, which may not be the last value for the prospects of the cryptocurrency market. Earlier it became known that trust manager Mt.Gox sold bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash for $400 million, which is associated with negative dynamics at the end of the past – the beginning of this year.

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