Huobi appointed the head for a new trading platform

Huobi appointed the head for a new trading platform


One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world Huobi published a press-release in that reported about setting head of the recently created trade platform, being under the management  “strategic partner” exchange in the USA, company HBUS.

Till to lead the American market of the digital assets of Huobi, Frank Fu occupied leading posts in Meitu, Inc. – to the company from China, elaborative photos-appendixes for smartphones.

Fu also started a few mobile blockchain applications and startups in the areas of the digital medias in Asia and United States.

Huobi, headquarters that is located in Singapore, this year actively conducts international expansion. In March an exchange registered HBUS Inc. in FinCEN, and in April reported about the plans to open headquarters in London.

According to a press-release, today Fu will come forward at conference  Blockchain Connect with a lecture on a theme “Global blockchain industry and its prospects”.

Also in this month Huobi declared a start own public blockchain, project Huobi Chain Project (HCP), that will get financing from a growth fund in size of 100 million dollars.

Before in this month an exchange declared development own blockchain platforms also. For the start the project under the name Huobi Chain money will be used from a fund.

Before reported that the new index exchange of Huobi 10, watching 10 leading cryptocurrencies, was added to Bloomberg Terminal.

According to data of CoinMarketCap, now Huobi is a fourth in size crypto exchange, the volume bidding that for twenty-four hours makes near $852 millions.

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