Huawei Technologies can release its own blockchain-smartphone

Huawei Technologies can release its own blockchain-smartphone


One of the largest Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei Technologies is considering the idea of releasing a smartphone that will support applications created using blockchain technology.

Representatives of Huawei during the past two months, several times met with colleagues from the Israeli startup Sirin Labs, which is developing a crypto smartphone Finney, but both companies do not disclose the reason and results of the meeting. Sources Bloomberg argue that Huawei is interested in the operating system SIRIN OS, which can run on a mobile device, along with Android from Alphabet Inc.

Recall that Huawei is exploring the possibility of using blockсhain technology to protect digital property rights. And the startup of Sirin Labs in December 2017 for 15 days of crowdsale attracted $157 million of investments for the creation and launch of a crypto-smartphone.

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