Hackers spread malware in the DarkNet software for hacking Bitcoin ATM

Hackers spread malware in the DarkNet software for hacking Bitcoin ATM


With the growing popularity and prevalence of cryptocurrency, the number of methods for their theft among users is also growing. Hackers seek to find a vulnerability in any cryptocurrency platform or cryptocurrency equipment for implementing hidden mining or the introduction a virus that abducts digital media. Cyber  security specialists from Trend Micro report that a new malware has been discovered in darknet, aimed at hacking various types Bitcoin ATM. The malicious program is sold on average for $ 25,000.

Bitcoin ATM (ATMs) differ from standard ATMs in that they are not connected to the banking system, instead, bitcoin ATMs are connected to crypto-exchange exchanges, where remote transactions for the purchase and sale cryptocurrencies are performed. It is reported that at the moment there are more than 3,500 such ATMs in the world, 74% of which work in North America.

Researchers from Trend Micro discovered in the expanses of darknet the offsets for the purchase of a virus program to carry out a hidden attack on Bitcoin ATM. Malvar uses the service vulnerabilities Bitcoin ATMs and allows its owners to get someone else’s bitcoin for up to $ 6,750 per attack. As vendors advertise software, “buying a program and further hacking with it do not imply physical contact and physical access to the ATM.” It is also reported that the software comes bundled with the manual in various languages  and constant user support in Jabber.

The researchers found that this seller in addition to this software offers many other malicious programs for hacking financial systems, and his product is in great demand.

Recall that according to statistics, 27% of hacker attacks in 2018 is aimed at crypto users – hackers have already abducted cryptocurrency in excess of $ 1.1 billion this year.

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