The hacker returned another 20 000 ETH project to CoinDash

The hacker returned another 20 000 ETH project to CoinDash


Probably, the hacker who cracked the CoinDash project last summer suffers from remorse, since another 20,000 ETH or about $ 17 million were transferred from the address of Fake_CoinDash to the purse of the startup at the current rate. In September last year, with the same address CoinDash returned 10,000 ETH.

The attack on ICO CoinDash turned out to be one of the biggest scams in this field and cost investors of the project more than 43 000 ETH. Some users assume that all this is a well-planned campaign of the organizers of the project. However, the latest earnings to CoinDash guarantee that developers have significantly more funding than they expected at the launch stage when they set a $ 12 million limit for their ICO.

The CoinDash (CDT) rate reacted to this news with a short jump and rose about 20%, after which it was partially corrected. About 75% of the CDT trades are in the Binance crypto-exchange.

CoinDash intends to develop a social trading platform for cryptocurrency, based on the wisdom of the crowd. The startup has already released a beta version of its platform, but at the current stage the product looks rather raw. It is hoped that the unexpectedly obtained funds developers will be better than the hacker.

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