Futurama and Dubai Know How to Host a Blockchain Conference with ICOs

Futurama and Dubai Know How to Host a Blockchain Conference with ICOs


Recently in Dubai, a collection of market movers, blockchain developers and philosophers came together to discuss all things cryptocurrency and blockchain related at the the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit supported by Coinsbank.

A number of phenomenal blockchain based companies presented initial coin offering (ICO) pitches to an assortment of well heeled international investors and throughout the entire event there was a inspiring buzz of ingenuity and optimism that could be felt by all.

GoByte - Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit Dubai

Presenters of note were GoByte, 1LAW and Kasko2GO. GoByte (GBX) is a merchant-friendly cryptocurrency based payment solution that eases the process of merchants and sellers collecting payments and the group plans to eventually provide their own ATMs, point of sale terminals and debit cards. What makes GoByte unique is they nearly eliminate transaction and payment fees when the GoByte Pay module is used. There are no extra fees outside of the 0.00001000 GBX fee ($0.000028) and this pales in comparison to PayPal’s customary 4.4% fee on each transaction. GoByte understands that for the average person, cryptocurrencies applications can be overly technical and user interfaces are often difficult to navigate. For this reason, they made it their goal to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies into everyday life by simplifying the process of receiving and sending payments uses GoByte.

LAW1 - Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit Dubai

1LAW is a bespoke, affordable, blockchain based legal service with a platform agnostic mobile chat bot which provides world class legal counsel and services to those who require legal advice minus the high prices often attached to legal counsel. 1LAW are currently in ICO phase and have decided to base their token on Stellar Lumens (XLM) with hopes of listing on Stellar’s exchange / wallet.  Meanwhile, Kasko2Go has plans to make it easier for drivers to quickly obtain motor insurance in a stressful way and their platform cuts out the middleman and other unsavory brokers, allowing Kashko2Go to reduce insurance costs 30 to 50% lower than competitors.

Vimana - Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit Dubai

Another promising presenter was Vimana, an ingenuitive company whose “turnkey solutions fuse aerospace design with blockchain technology”. Currently, Vimana is in partnership with the government of Dubai to provide autonomous passenger drones that can safely ferry 4 to 6 passengers throughout the cities hypermodern towers and bypass the daily traffic jams Dubai has become infamous for.

Vimana - Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit Dubai

The genius behind the idea is Vimana’s use of blockchain technology to connect each drone with other drones, weather sensors, passenger logs, and flight manifests so the logistics of booking a single or multiple trip journey can be arranged in a way that is beneficial to the passengers but also easily manageable for the operator. Furthermore, passenger security is ensured as all required details are visible on the blockchain distributed ledger so data regarding lost items, young passengers, and the occasional questionable rider can all be and reviewed at a later date if required. Summit attendees also had the opportunity to view a full size mock up of the Vimana’s autonomous drone and the company hopes to deploy a working model for testing later this year.

Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit Dubai

In addition to the panel discussions, ICO pitches and networking sessions, the Futurama organizers provided an array of outstanding entertainment experiences at a variety of exotic venues in the city of Dubai. Attendees enjoyed desert dune bashing in a convoy of Toyota Landcruisers, followed by a mesmerizing Desert Rose party with belly dancers, middle eastern cuisine, live falcons, camel rides and a crazy pyrotechnics show by 2018 Winter Olympics performer Shin. Summit attendees also had the opportunity to casually network with developers and investors while enjoying hot air balloon rides, relaxing in the swanky Soho Garden Bar at Dubai’s glitzy Meydan Hotel and the 3-day event wrapped up with an enchanting ride through Dubai in 30 Teslas to a all night party on the largest superyacht in the Arabian Gulf.

Futurama blends blockchain and cryptocurrency with engaging entertainment to create an environment that feels more like an exotic getaway than a routine blockchain conference and judging from the success of this sold out event, they are likely to keep the party rolling!

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