Fujitsu promises to help businesses integrate blockchain in 5 days

Fujitsu promises to help businesses integrate blockchain in 5 days


Japanese corporation Fujitsu launches a new consulting service in the field of blockchain, which, according to its statement, is able to provide its customers with a ready-to-use, minimally viable solution in 5 days.

According to The Register, service within the service costs from €9,900 and includes a wide range of services, from introductory lessons on blockchain technology to evaluating the proposed use scenarios and release of the first prototype on the fifth day.

After the release of the prototype, the client decides whether he wants to allocate additional funding in order to obtain a more perfect product, or he agrees to be satisfied with the basic solution.

Chief architect of the Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Center Chris Pilling explained:

“It would be great if we could say” yes, they are satisfied with our proof of work, and they want to connect a team of experts on the blockchain, “but we allow customers to leave and experiment with the prototype”.

The head of the Center for Blockchain Innovations, Frederik de Breuck, explained that his company is ready to provide proof of work in real conditions, and not just proof of the concept’s workability, which allows to go through the technological process and show the possibilities for creating commercial value, while avoiding typical mistakes at integration of the blockchain.

The goal of the new project of Fujitsu is not only to provide a quick way to integrate blockchain, but also to refine the already functioning solutions.

“We were inspired by the high level of customer interest and created a ready-to-use package, targeting not only those who want to immediately begin using blockchain, but also those who need to check and improve existing projects. We expect that we will have a significant impact on the distribution of the blockchain in solving business problems,”- Fintech Finance quotes de Breuck’s words.

Fujitsu owns about 50 different patents in the field of blockchain, notes BankingTech. Last year, the company launched a number of services for blockchain, including systems for storing and transferring data.

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