From the tax account in Arizona, any mention of cryptocurrency disappeared

From the tax account in Arizona, any mention of cryptocurrency disappeared


In the last release of revenue bill offer in Arizona, there is not a word about cryptocurrencies. At the same time initially a document had to give possibility to pay taxes in digital assets to the habitants of the state, CoinDesk reports.

“We collected too small voices, when there was a cryptocurrency language in a document. A legislative session in Arizona made off on Mays, 3, therefore now there are not plans on proposal of new bill”, – the member of the House of Representatives marked Jeff Weninger .

From data of edition, final version of the Senate Bill 1091 does not mention cryptocurrency in no shape or form, in spite of that in previous three releases the special accent was done on digital assets as pay method at tax payment. At the same time a present version is already approved the House of Representatives and the State Senate. In a document it registers only diffusely, that  the Department of Revenue “can work out, inculcate and use the payment system that will allow to carry out money orders and tax collection”.

“The Department of revenue can prepare, work out and give for test demonstration the methods of introduction and use of technology allowing directly to arrange for money payments and collection of tax duties on the choice of taxpayer, in points a sale [PoS- terminals] and at the inpayment of additional sums after an audit”, – talked in a document.

At the same time in a present version not specified, which one “technology” speech talking  about –  cryptocurrencies or traditional banking system.

We will remind, it was planned that Arizona would become the first state the USA, the habitants of that will get possibility to pay taxes by means of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In support a bill 16 senators spoke out then, 13 contested against his acceptance, but in the total preponderance it appeared enough in three voices. Afterwards a bill was directed in House of representatives of Arizona for further consideration.

Nevertheless in April, 2017 Arizona accepted a historical law on smart contract and technology of blockchain,  Jeff Weninger came forward the author of that. In particular, a law legalizes the digital signatures created with the use of technology of blockchain, and also “smart contracts”.

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