Firm hopes to contest with prohibition on cryptocurrency with the website of ICO, worked out for companies and consumers

Firm hopes to contest with prohibition on cryptocurrency with the website of ICO, worked out for companies and consumers


A website that watches the initial coin offerings (ICO) is said that his platform can help crypto startups to attract potential investors on a background the recent blockchain of the advertisement stuck by some of the largest players in Silicon Valley.

Facebook produced a starting pistol at the end of January, declaring, that he will begin to forbid an advertisement for cryptocurrencies and ICO, that inculcate “entering in an error or entering in an error advertisement practices”. Last month Google declared that renews the politics in regard to financial services, that means absence related to cryptocurrency announcements will be accepted from June. Then Twitter followed to his example said that it is motivated by safety of user.

ICObazaar it is said that prohibition prevents to the enthralling projects when a market prospers, and callow enterprises lose access to one of the cheapest methods of scope of wide public.

These “new problems” come in an advertisement, as investors fight for possibility to use possibilities in the conditions of problems of adjusting, but ICObazaar asserts that trackers similar to the own bring insuperable advantages both for consumers and for companies.

A company declares that cryptostarts that use the web site of watching of ICO, to publish the suggestions, have more chances to provide availability only to exact information to the potential investors. It is related to that every project has the opportunity straight to order details to the crowdsale on a platform.

Although the last limits on the advertisement of internet-giants caused vibrations on cryptographic markets, ICObazaar asserts that the use of niche websites can be more effective in the achievement of results, partly because the specialized investors can visit the specialized platforms. Opposite, traditional campaigns through internet-giants it is possible to see millions of people, although only a small percent can be interested in taking on financial obligations.

Finally, many websites of watching of ICO independently estimate projects on the platforms, and a good result can improve their reputation and result in the greater level of investments. A company it is said that these advantages can be scored an at “reasonable price”.

In opinion of potential investors, ICObazaar asserts that his platform can appear invaluable from that, how she conducts due diligence, to define whether ICO is viable. A company declares that it is arrived at due to the use of expert analysis of past, current and future suggestions, and also reviews from the attracted and impartial investors regularly using a website.

It is talked on a web site, that he wants to alert users to the most reliable and promising people that is determined by their coevals, what a risk helps to bring down that someone risks the capital in a knavish project.

Every enumerated project is accompanied by rating in five areas, thus the highest index is five: command, website of project, their idea and white paper, mass and association medias, and also technical realization. An independent expert gives the sixth rating, using the own criteria. The best rating that can be attained ICO, this AAA, presenting possibility of investment class with “reasonable potential for the return of profit”.

Projects also can be classified as speculative, high-risk and default. Most subzero index D, and the visitors of ICOs with such subzero rating are warned, that these startups are “large investment red flags” with defects in their business model and “minimum chance, that projects will develop with a profit”.

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