EToro trading platform is considering an IPO

EToro trading platform is considering an IPO


The working with cryptocurrencies trade platform of eToro examines possibility realization the IPO (initial public offering), because a platform aims to go out to the new markets. Right now in Tel Aviv of eToro conducts early negotiations on a theme IPO with the investment jars of London.

This information was grant by edition of Financial News, it is reported in that eToro negotiate with bankers that is acquainted with this theme. However the representatives of trade platform gave up any comments, because their company does not welcome market rumors.

eToro began the work  early in 2007, as a network social of trading. At the same time an exchange became one of the first, who offered trade bitcoin. In February, 2017 eToro added on the ground and other cryptocurrencies.

eToro is distinguished by interesting enough functions, most popular among that is CopyTrader allowing to the amateurs copy the brief-cases of more successful in trade users.

In March of this year eToro started the round the financing on $100 million, the $162 million of the USA are now collected in general complication, due to what the cost of company attained $800 million Simultaneously with it the representatives of platform declared, that gather to start a valuable cryptocurrency exchange and open a ground for traders from the USA.

Last years many companies related to cryptocurrencies became successful and expensive. Thus units from them became public. Consequently, if eToro really gather to conduct IPO and will attain success herein – large branch players will begin carefully to watch a platform.

The Chinese producer ASIC Canaan Creative last month gave a request on realization of IPO to the exchange stock of Hong Kong. According to the representatives of Canaan Creative during 2017 they succeeded to sell 300 000 ASIC and to get the 56 million dollars of the USA of profit.

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