Ethereum startup ConsenSys proposed the concept of "consumer tokens"

Ethereum startup ConsenSys proposed the concept of “consumer tokens”


During the conference of Fluidity Summit representatives of СonsenSys startup  Pat Berarducci and Aaron Wright in detail told about initiative of Brooklyn Project, within the framework of that it is suggested to go away from conception utilitarian in behalf on so-called “consumer” token, CoinDesk reports.

As the saying goes in a document, a project is called to “create a base infrastructure for a long-term model and provide a trust between the creators of consumer token, their partners, clients and public”. In particular, a row over of recommendations is brought in relation to the tasks of projects, used practices and legal opening information.

Within the framework of infrastructure consumer token is certain however having “mechanisms of shares possession, which is prevail personal interest in facilities, passive rights on payment of dividends or other descriptions of financial instrument”.

“We want to make sure, that people wish to use token, that produce developers”, – the head of project OpenLaw Aaron Wright marked during presentation.

He added that a term “consumer token” better describes the functional of cloudy depository and collectibles, presently associated with “utilitarian token”.

Within the framework of project it is planned to begin a discussion affecting the centralized and decentralized token projects. Thus the last one usually written worse  in existent legal and regulatory frameworks, registers in a document.

At the same time consumer token however can run into the same problems, what “traditional organizations and markets, such as questions of trust, collaboration, honesty and safety”, the organizers of project are sure.

“The described infrastructure is the first step on a way to standard-setting for consumer token by means of raising these questions straight and without suppositions about the presence of the centralized organizations or mediators”, – talked in a document.

Wright  and Berarducci hope that within the framework Brooklyn Project will begin joint discussion about the standards token and adjusting, all association will take part in that. According to them, it will help in a fight against the deficit trust, caused numerous scam projects, phishing and manipulations a market.

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