Ethereum and Litecoin spearheaded a rapid rise in the price of altcoins


Today the market has been waiting for the next day, but, unlike the previous period, the current rally is headed not by bitcoin. This honor was awarded to Ethereum and Litecoin, each of which updated the highs and helped the total capitalization of the segment to grow to $ 485 billion.

Thus, the crypto-currencies became more expensive than the Chinese technological conglomerate Alibaba, whose founder Jack Ma recently stated: “Bitcoin is not for me.”

Bitcoin continued to grow this Tuesday and again rose above $ 17,500, continuing to be affected by news about the successful launch of futures on the Chicago Stock Exchange (CBOE). Capitalization of bitcoin at the time of publication is $ 292 billion.

At the same time, January futures for bitcoin on the CBOE site are trading at more than $ 18,100. Although the volume of trading on them on the first day was about $ 50 million, which is a worthy value for such a new class of assets, they are significantly inferior to bitcoin trading volumes in the crypto currency markets that exceed $ 13.5 billion.

Ethereum in the second half of 2017 significantly lagged behind bitcoin, as a result of which, at a certain stage, its market share fell below 10%.

However, in recent days the situation began to change rapidly. Only in the last 24 hours the Ethereum rate has risen by more than 25% and is now approaching the $ 600 mark, continuing to update the highs. Capitalization Ethereum at the same time is $ 57 billion.

This Tuesday, in dollar terms, the overwhelming majority of the first hundred of the Crypto-currency and all the first ten of the Crypto-currencies are growing. The growth of many of them is characterized by double figures.

But the undisputed leader of today is Litecoin. Last week, it traded slightly below the $ 100 mark, unable to find the strength to overcome the key resistance. The situation changed at the weekend and continued to develop rapidly all this time. This led to the fact that only during the last 24 hours the Litecoin course grew by more than 80%, while updating the maximum at $ 341 in the process. Market capitalization of Litecoin exceeded $ 17 billion, which allowed him to shift IOTA to the fifth line in the list of the largest crypto-currencies.

Despite the fact that IOTA has lost its place, its growth rate is also expressed by a two-digit number. Over the past 24 hours, the rate of the koin has risen by 12% and reached $ 4.68. Ripple meanwhile grew by 10%, Dash and Monero – by 11%, and NEM – by 22%.

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