Estonia abolishes plans to launch a national cryptocurrency

Estonia abolishes plans to launch a national cryptocurrency


By cause for abolition the plans country on producing of Estcoin became critic  President of the  Central Bank Europe Mario Draghi. Development of possible ways the integration cryptocurrency in state processes was conducted from August, 2017. Cointelegraph reports about it.

We will remind, national cryptocurrency of Estonia had to become the basic instrument of the system electronic residence. Within the framework e – Residency the state conducts the special programs on safe access of all citizens to electronic services. On intention head of the program Kaspar Korjus, Estcoin would become excellent exchange means for foreigners.

However the ambitious plans the government of Estonia pleased to the higher structures of Eurozone. President Central Bank Europe  Mario Draghi declared that within the limits of the European economy there can be only one currency – euro. However, two parties of conflict nevertheless succeeded to come to the compromise. A final decision Siim Sikkut commented on, head IT- department of e – Residency.

“We conducted some very informing meeting with our politicians. They let to use Estcoin as internal payments in e – Residency. Other options for us are not present, we can not integrate valuable national cryptocurrency while.”

Governments all over the world pay attention to cryptocurrencies. The blockchain technology  acquires weight in the world, even in spite of negative expressions  politicians toward cryptocurrency. We will remind, earlier Indium refused to accept national cryptocurrency of Venezuela.

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