EOS transferred $150 million in Ethereum to the Bitfinex exchange

EOS transferred $150 million in Ethereum to the Bitfinex exchange


Сrowdfunding campaign of cryptocurrency project EOS was the longest ICO in history. It started in the summer of 2017 in the midst of the popularity of ICO and in the first 5 days it collected about 650,000 ETH, but it didn’t end there, and today on the EOS smart contract there is almost a million ETH. All this time, developers have eliminated the funds raised, and the last such sale, or at least the transfer of 200,000 ETH, equivalent to $150 million, to the Bitfinex exchange occurred on Monday. This is reported by Trustnodes.

Bitfinex supports block trading and over-the-counter trading, so eliminating 200,000 ETHs will not necessarily have a direct impact on the price of the air, but it may affect the overall ratio of sellers and buyers in the market.

What will the funds be used for, if it’s really about selling, is unknown, but the EOS campaign can be called one of the most controversial ICOs.

CEO Block.one, developer of EOS, Brendan Blumer denies this information.

“The CFO and the president are now in New York, where they are negotiating with firms that will conduct internal audit of books and will calm the public, suggesting that there is a repeat turnover of capital. External firms need to understand the nature of the space before they agree to contact the detachment, so this will take some time,” he said earlier.

It is expected that the audit will be conducted after the end of the crowdsdale, and in favor of the security of EOS says the growth of volumes of Ethereum, which they manage to attract.

In theory, they could sell their own tokens on the market for ETH, which would then be re-launched into the above scheme, but in this case they would inevitably exert negative pressure on their token, and its rate continues to grow. The project’s capitalization has reached $15 billion, while that they don’t have such a product. It is expected that it will be presented in the coming weeks after the end of the ICO.

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