EOS still has 100 000 ETH after active elimination of cryptocurrency

EOS still has 100 000 ETH after active elimination of cryptocurrency – media


The EOS project has sold or at least relocated 2.5 million ETH over the past 2-3 months, with 500,000 ETH in the last week. Trustnodes draws attention to this.

The contract of the EOS Crowdsale now does not contain any cryptocurrency, while at the address marked “owner of EOS” there are about 100,000 ETH. Since June 1, when the ICO EOS stretched for a year, this address has left 1.2 million ETH.

Most of these funds go to the Cryptocurrency Exchange, as previously reported. Regarding the last move, we can say with certainty that at least 100 000 ETH came to the Bitfinex exchange through an intermediary address.

Starting with the 9937 address corresponds to the “owner of EOS”. Over the past 13 days, he sent about 700,000 ETH to the above address, beginning with 052. He received the cryptocurrency from the address with the symbols 36a at the beginning, and from there it was transferred to the Bitfinex exchange.

The last such transaction for 90 000 ETH was carried out about 12 hours. At the same time, the Ethereum rate fell by about $20.

Although EOS takes certain measures not to transfer the cryptocurrency to the exchanges from its main addresses using several intermediary addresses, Trustnodes notes that similar routes and transaction sizes allow us to assume with confidence that it is the liquidation of assets by EOS itself, and not about payment for any services or other transfers.

Earlier it became known that the Central Arbitration Forum EOS (ECAF) had frozen 27 accounts in its blockchain, citing suspicions of fraud or hacking.

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