€400 Million Might have been Confiscated from Bitfinex


According to unconfirmed information, about €400 million could have been confiscated from the bank account of the Bitfinex crypto exchange opened in a small Polish Cooperative Bank. This is reported by Trustnodes with reference to the Polish media.

The popular Polish information portal Spider’s Web reports:

“The unofficial data we received indicate that it is Bitfinex. The Prosecutor’s Office of Poland has not yet put forward any charges; in view of the international nature of the case, Europol and Interpol are connected to the investigation.”

Also found on the network are messages from about week ago that some Bitfinex users had to communicate with the Polish police.

“I testified in the case of Crypto sp z o.o, because they sent me money with Bitfinex, and their accounts were blocked,” wrote the user of the Polish forum on March 28.

SP Z.O.O in his message indicates a limited liability company, and Crypto SP – the name of the company to which the bank account of Bitfinex is registered.

Today there was information that this company or its parent company Crypto Capital Corp could be linked to Colombian drug cartels.

The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was deceived by €400,000 by a contractor who was building the embassy of the country in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As a result of this incident, an investigation was initiated in which an “account used by fraudsters belonging to company M, registered in the vicinity of the Polish city of Pruszkow, whose president is a man of Canadian-Panamanian origin, was discovered.”

During the verification of the company’s ties, the investigators entered company C, headed by a citizen of Colombia and Panama. It was  then discovered that this company was connected with a major online exchange operator for cryptocurrency. Deposits on the accounts of both companies exceed 270 million Polish zlotys,” the portal tvp.info writes. “We already know that they have created a much larger network of affiliated companies. The scale of financial transactions suggests that these accounts were used to conceal the money received from the illegal import of cocaine into Europe. In addition, these companies were used in large-scale fraud. The criminals hid their operations, changed money for cryptocurrencies, and concealed traces of these transactions.

Investigators found that both companies did not conduct real economic activity. Their sole purpose was to share bank accounts for international criminal financial transactions. The withdrawal of money from these accounts was made possible by an amendment introduced on March 22, 2017 for a law focused on combating the financing of terrorism and money laundering, explained Deputy Attorney General Beata Marchak”.

At present, it is rather difficult to say what exactly happens to the accounts in the Cooperative Bank. It is likely that the Bitfinex account was used together with several companies engaged in criminal activity or these companies deposited fiat on it for the purpose of converting it into various cryptocurrencies. Most of the information comes in the form of an inaccurate translation from the Polish media, where there is also no clarity about what is happening. At the moment, it is only known that from the bank that serves Bitfinex,  €400 million was seized and this money could have been accrued by Bitfinex itself.

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