Diversifying Crypto Stockpiles

Diversifying Crypto Stockpiles, No Longer BTC-Focused


According to the official report, Citrix company commissioned a single study that shows that 50 percent of British business use reserves cryptocurrencies, but only 7 percent are investing in bitcoin (BTC).

Who was interviewed?

The study surveyed 750 “decision-makers in the field of it” in British business, in which there were 250 or more people. These respondents reported the average number of 24 BTC, which is about 230 000 US dollars during printing.

What coins do they have?

Of all the companies surveyed, 93 percent reported that they diversified their crypt investment beyond bitcoins. 53 percent of the surveyed entrepreneurs own Litecoin (LTC), while 43 percent own Ethereum (ETH), 33 percent own Ripple (XRP) and 29 percent own Dash.

Why they decided to buy cryptocurrency?

Citrix reports that only 4% of companies surveyed buy bitcoin in preparation for the attack on the ransom. Wannacry, one of the most dangerous threats to extort this year targeting the National health service of the United Kingdom.

Of respondent companies 40% will use crypto to payment providers, up from 32% who will use crypto to payment employees. 27 percent plan to use the crypto next to smart contracts and the Blockchain technology, 27 percent for fundraising and training, and 17 percent for research and development.

What are the security risks associated with the accumulation crepeville?

64% of companies surveyed that own BTC, believe that the rise in price of BTC has affected the cyber criminals to attack their assets BTC. 18% of companies surveyed overall, also fear that their crypto holdings exposed them to the risk of insider theft.

According to the survey, the majority of companies, engaged in crypto, serious about cybersecurity, as only 5 per cent reported the adoption of the necessary measures to protect their crypto holdings . Backup procedures are used 52 percent of the surveyed enterprises, cold or offline storage by 36 percent, a few purses by 36 percent, with the use of dedicated or hardened computer 35 percent and require dual controls, so to access crypto assets need a few people 22 percent.

Predicting that these companies in the future?

Referring to the recently changing crypto markets, 35% believe that crypto can fail, and 34% say that volatility is stopping them to add more of in their stocks. 18% are afraid that when they want to, they will not be able to cash out their cryptocurrency.

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