Dash Core Group decided to patent the release-related Evolution solution

Dash Core Group decided to patent the release-related Evolution solution


Dash Core Group, a US-registered company that heads the development of the payment p2p platform and Dash cryptocurrency, filed a preliminary patent application for a solution related to the upcoming release of the Evolution platform. This is reported by CoinJournal.

The application is associated with the methods of registration of user accounts, the rules of interaction between them and the storage of relevant metadata.

According to the company, the decision to file an application was made for defensive purposes, and the solution will be available as a free license in accordance with the terms of the corresponding licensing policy of the Dash Core Group.

“Just as Tesla made its patents on electric vehicle technology available to the public, we decided that it makes sense to provide our patent with a minimum level of protection. By using a set of license criteria similar to the “good faith” clause in the open Tesla patents, we can give a free license to the public and be sure that no one will use the technology for purposes that would contradict Dash’s long-term goals regarding mass adoption of the network ” , – said CEO Dash Core Ryan Taylor.

In 2014, in order to give impetus to the development of the electric vehicle industry, Tesla CEO Elon Mask stated that the company will not have legal claims to other companies that use their patent if they act in good faith.

As Ryan Taylor says, the Dash Core Group protects its technology and all its potential users and developers from unscrupulous players who could patent it for extracting undue profits or to prevent it from being used by others.

The authors of the patent are Dash developers Evan Duffield, Andy Freer, Timothy Flynn, Nathan Marley, Darren Tapp, Alex Werner and Will Ray. The document itself is currently in closed mode and will be available for public review 18 months after the filing of the preliminary application.

In 2016, the Dash team published a new roadmap, which lists the expected release date of the Evolution software. The expected term was then called June 2017, however, as the publication notes, the Evolution will be released in the second half of the year without specifying the month.

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