CyberTrust: Bridging traditional and crypto financial markets


The pre-ICO will last until 5th January 13:00 UTC, get involved now to receive up to an additional 20% bonus!
What we are doing:
CyberTrust is bringing institutional investor capital to crypto markets via crypto asset securitisation, offering a legitimate and simple way to acquire and manage such digital assets within the existing economic and financial framework.
Using securitisation, crypto assets become derivative financial products: Global Crypto Notes, which are legitimate and transparent from a tax and legal perspective. These crypto asset-backed derivatives can be placed on the books of an organisation, can be audited, are inheritable and offer clarity on tax impact, in addition to reducing counterparty risk for clearing and settlement of crypto assets.
The fact that cryptocurrencies cannot be securitised without CABS tokens means that CABS hold their own value. Their limited supply will ensure high demand.
We see great benefits to using a token generating event to raise capital, not only for ourselves as members of a developing community of crypto enthusiasts, but also in helping to grow the crypto economy by facilitating major capital inflow. As such, we are looking to expand the crypto economy and help it become the mega market that it has the potential to be.
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