Crime of the 21st century

Crime of the 21st century


The habitant of New York confessed itself guilty in the theft of man with the purpose of theft cryptocurrency in the amount of $1.8 million in the moment commission crime on a current course.

Circuitous public prosecutor of Manhattan Cyrus Vance declared, that Louis Meza, accused of theft man in New York last year and to stole his cryptocurrency, confessed itself guilty in a theft in the large size of the first and the second degree.

Meza was arrested last December. According to the indictment, he met with the victim, knowing that a person owns some amount of cryptocurrency and lured him into a rented car. Threatening together with three accomplices stolen a pistol, he demanded that he gave his mobile phone, flash drive and keys. After that, Meza transferred the cryptocurrency for $ 1.8 million at the current exchange rate to his account.

At some point, the kidnapped person, who had a bag on his head, so that he did not see the other kidnappers, managed to free himself and report an attack to the police.

The criminals were detained, and the stolen cryptocurrency was returned to the owners.

In addition to charges of kidnapping and robbery, Meza is also accused of illegally owning stolen property, malicious use of a computer and illegal intrusion.

“Meza organized a robbery in the style of the 21st century, but the investigators quickly discovered him and made him responsible, despite the fact that the field of investigations of such crimes is not yet sufficiently developed. Since 2010, the Bureau for Combating Cybercrime and Identity Theft is developing methods and technologies that have enabled us to become a national leader in the criminal prosecution and prevention of cybercrime. This is confirmed by the favorable outcome of the case and the return of the stolen funds to the victim,” the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

Meza’s sentence will be pronounced on September 27. According to the bargain with the prosecutor’s office, the defendant can receive up to 10 years in prison, in accordance with the conditions of his admission of guilt.

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