Chinese search engines and social networks began to block cryptocurrency advertising


Large social networks and search engines in China have ceased to display advertising or sponsorship content associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is reported by South China Morning Post.

So, search queries containing the words “bitcoin”, “cryptocurrency” and “ICO”, users are given only news and other journalistic notes. It is known that the advertising related to digital assets was no longer displayed by the largest in the country search engine Baidu and Chinese analogue Twitter – microblog Weibo.

Representatives of Weibo confirmed that the site at the moment is really blocking all advertising related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In Baidu, the situation did not comment.

According to the publication, the blockage could be a direct consequence of the ban ICO in September last year. Then the People’s Bank of China called such campaigns fraudulent. After that, over 90% of local ICO start-ups returned funds to investors.

It should be noted that this is not the first message about the blocking of advertising cryptocurrency in China. So, back in August 2016 it was reported that Baidu removed any advertisement related to bitcoin and other virtual money without any warning.

Recall earlier this week advertising of  cryptocurrencies and ICO banned Facebook. As the company said, ads must be reliable and win people’s trust. In this regard, noted in Facebook, in this social network there is no place for misleading or deceptive announcements.

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