Chinese experts published a new rating of cryptocurrencies: EOS - the first, bitcoin - 17th

Chinese experts published a new rating of cryptocurrencies: EOS – the first, bitcoin – 17th


China published a second edition of the rating of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, in which EOS this time took first place, and bitcoin – 17th. This is written by Bitcoinist.

The second stage of the global public network technology evaluation index, prepared by the  China Center for Information  Industry Development (CCID), was held on June 20 and followed the first stage, which took place in mid-May.

Earlier, representatives of the department reported that they will evaluate 26 cryptocurrencies, and also include in the rating various international blockchain projects. In both categories, ratings were placed on the basis of three criteria: “technology”, “application” and “innovation”.

The previous rating, prepared by Chinese experts, provoked a heated discussion in the cryptocurrency community. In it, bitcoin took the 13th line, dividing it with Verge, while the leader was Ethereum.

In the new version of the rating Ethereum takes the second place, losing the first position of EOS. NEO, Stellar and Lisk now occupy the third, fourth and fifth places respectively. Own cryptocurrency of the social network on the Steemit blockchain has shifted to the seventh position, although in May it was the second. Bitcoin also descended to 4 positions and now occupies the 17th line.

In the previous version of the rating, Chinese analysts recognized the contribution of bitcoin as a pioneer in the world of digital assets, but noted the weak technological development of the cryptocurrency.

The CCID team consists of “first-class local experts and specialists”, and their work is aimed at “assessing technological opportunities, usefulness and innovation, as well as the level of development of projects in the field of blockchain.” What exactly are the estimates based on, the researchers do not specify.

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