CEO NiceHash told about hacker attack


The NiceHash trading market confirmed the information that hacking their service led to the theft of 4,700 BTC or about $ 80 million at the current rate.

In a video posted on Facebook, the CEO and co-founder of NiceHash provided additional information on how the company, founded in 2014, committed an attack that led to the theft of a large sum in bitcoins.

According to Kobal, the attack began at night on Wednesday, December 6, from the hacking of a computer employee NiceHash. The company CEO explained that the NiceHash team appealed to law enforcement agencies, and she “conducts a retrospective analysis” to determine the course of events.

In a few hours, according to Kobal, hackers were able to gain access to their system and at 3:34 CET, they began to devastate the company’s account. The address of the burglar was transferred to 4 736 BTC, which are there at the time of publication.

Kobal explained that at the moment he does not have any more detailed information, and called the attack “tremendously coordinated and very thoughtful”. He also noted that the company will report on ways to return funds to users in the future.

“We are doing everything possible. Nevertheless, we will need time, ” he added.

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