Central Bank of Slovakia "marked" with a badge of bitcoin in protest

Central Bank of Slovakia “marked” with a badge of bitcoin in protest


Recently the admirers digital assets, arguing against  hostility of local  fiscal controllers in attitude toward cryptocurrency projects, set fire the laser projection BTC straight on the wall of Slovakia central bank.

Association from Bratislava of Paralelna Polis, that supports the institute crypto anarchy, carried out a next action. Video appeared in a network, where activists argue against the hard measures of the local regulators in regard to crypto business in Slovakia.

On video it is possible to see that the participants motion direct a giant light ray, presenting the symbol of the first cryptocurrency, on building different banks. A roller closes that the symbol BTC appears on building the national bank of Slovakia. Then thereon structure the projection symbol the Monero appears.

“Address to the jars: for the banking system cryptocurrency – the same, that typographic machine-tool Gutenberg for literature of the time. Also as a church once lost control above book business, central jars now lose control above money. Slovakia jars, instead of that to use boundless possibilities of cryptocurrencies and support new crypto companies in a country, covered by blanks in a legislation, inculcate hard restrictive measures. It hunts on witches among cryptocurrency companies and blocking of transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges proceed”, – talked in a comment to video.

It was before known that authorities of Slovakia made decision to toughen adjusting cryptocurrency industry. In latter days the jars of Slovakia shut down with all persons and companies that relate to the market digital assets.

Financial organizations while prefer not to comment a situation and reason similar measures. Sources the local MASS-MEDIA allude to that report that jars operate under instruction regulators and Bank of Slovakia. A central bank sent secret letters in all jars of the country with a requirement to leave off to maintain account cryptocurrency companies and private persons, carrying out similar activity.

The bank of Slovakia also forced all financial organizations to leave this order in the most strict secret. Anonymous sources report that bank workers before engaging in maintenance crypto clients do not have an access to such information.

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