In Canada, a blockchain-platform for controlled tokensail will be launched


The Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) plans to launch a clearing and settlement platform on the blockchain to conduct regulated tokensails. This is written by CoinDesk.

As the newspaper notes, CSE intends to include for the first time in the listing blockchain-tokens falling under the category of securities. Thus, companies will have the opportunity to issue traditional shares and bonds in the form of tokenized securities, and then offer them to investors during regulated Token Offerings.

“Our platform is at the intersection of the blockchain and the capital market,” said CSE head Richard Carlton. “Distributed registry technology is designed to radically change transactions and traditional accounting mechanisms, providing tangible benefits to market participants.”

Also, according to Carlton, the blockchain is able to expand the capabilities of corporate finance and, in particular, to increase the effectiveness of such forms of raising capital, as the issue of shares and bonds.

The first company that took advantage of the new platform could be the Canadian-based Kabuni, specializing in 3D printing, with which the exchange has already signed a memorandum of understanding.

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