Breaking Bithumb could cause a congestion of bitcoin

Breaking Bithumb could cause a congestion of bitcoin


At a time when the commissions in the bitcoin blockсhain reached relatively low levels and amounted to about $0.50, many transactions with a commission of 0.1 BTC or $ 661 began to fill the network of cryptocurrencies, causing a number of undesirable phenomena in the form of a general increase in fees and the emergence of a queue from transactions. This is written by Cryptovest.

Individual influential persons from the cryptocurrency community blame the event for breaking the Bithumb stock exchange. What is even more surprising in these transactions is that they are used to transfer relatively small amounts. The absolute majority of transactions carry about 0,3 BTC ($2,000), and after paying the commission to the final address is 0.2 BTC ($1,330). It is worth noting that some of the transactions contain amounts ranging from 0.4 BTC to 2 BTC.

All of them, despite the fact that they are sent from multiple addresses, fall on one wallet – 36MVds9jUMHsDTvww9hzokSPffapHdT8Jm.

Community members began to pay attention to this, when in the network of bitcoin for the first time in a long time a congestion occurred, and commissions rose to the level of the end of February. The memory of bitcoin in the meantime reached an impressive 26 MB.

Commentator WhalePanda suggests that this phenomenon is due to today’s hacking of the South Korean exchange Bithumb. According to him, either the exchange in a hurry transfers its funds to a cold purse, or the attacker devastates her wallets. Many are inclined to favor the first version, although there are supporters and the second, who admit that Bithumb deleted information about the amount of stolen funds, since this value was not finite. “This is not normal behavior. They burn money,” WhalePanda writes.

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