Blockchain startup Factom won a new grant from the US Department of Homeland Security

Blockchain startup Factom won a new grant from the US Department of Homeland Security


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) distinguished an underback in size $192 380 to the blockchain startup of Factom with the purpose support beta testing platform on the protection of the data got from the chambers supervision and touch-controls of the Frontier serving as the USA, CoinDesk writes.

“On the early stages work a command Factom showed the realized choice architecture and decisions concerning the developments related to integration blockchain in existent technologies”, – Anil John, manager of the program research and development said in area management by identification information at Directorate of Science and Technology DHS.

According to him, during the fourth phase of the project Factom will start this technology in the realistic field terms in a collaboration with Bureau custom and frontier control. It, Anil John talks, her operating influence will allow better to understand.

It registers in the press-release of the department, that the being based in Texas startup Factom works on technology that allows to integrate data from chambers and touch-controls in blockchain, providing their safety and except possibility strange interference or their change. A decision will be tested on a platform with a limit access to the internet and possibility of change weather terms, that will allow to test him at different scenarios.

We will mark that it is a fourth on an account underback already, got Factom from DHS within the framework the start department of Silicon Valley Innovation Program, that gives an opportunity to apply on the receipt financing in size more $800 000 during a 2-years-old period to the technological companies.

Besides Factom, development decisions for DHS 22 companies engage in presently. In the area of their activity a prosecution is included products in area of the internet things, by pilotless aviation complexes, cybersecurity for financial services, systems estimation passenger flows and carried technologies.

The first underback from DHS in size of $199 000 a command Factom got in summer of 2016. In the same year a startup got investments in size of $4.2 millions, and in April, 2017 are additional $8 million.

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