Blockchain Global Summit 2018 will be in Hong Kong

Blockchain Global Summit 2018 will be in Hong Kong


On July, 14 Blockchain Global Summit 2018 will conduct in Hong Kong, organized by Sanyan Blockchain and Bianews –  two large competitive blockchain-media in China. On an event it is planned to collect the leaders of blockchain organizations, celebrities, experts, technical specialists and large investors from around the world. A summit will allow to share them important ideas and to discuss the last technologies, that on the whole will accelerate progress of the development in the blockchain industry.

In 2018 blockchain technologies develop speed-up rates – research in various industries new blockchain strategy actively, and technological innovations give a push to development of science and technique. But however blockchain while yet is at the beginning of the way.

Presently among more than 80 000 blockchain projects in the world only 8% are in a state stable development. According to statistics, the middle term existence the most blockchain projects  makes no more than 14 months. In addition, there is a great number of additional problems, retentive development blockchain, such as the unbalanced global development, market chaos, related to creation of different chinks “from air”, problem of safety cryptocurrency exchanges and disparity cryptocurrency legislation in different countries.

It is therefore necessary to search a ground for the further discussion development of the  blockchain technologies. Blockchain Global Summit 2018 will become excellent possibility for this purpose. In all 12 sub-summits is pre-arranged in 12 different countries. These events beneficially will affect on all blockchain industry and will unite specialists from around the world in a single association.

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