Bitfinex refutes rumors about its involvement in money laundering

Bitfinex refutes rumors about its involvement in money laundering


Bitfinex, the cryptocurrency exchange, said it was not relevant to the money laundering case in Poland.

On Tuesday, a company spokesperson in a conversation with the CoinDesk portal reported that she conducted an “internal investigation of her international organization” and did not find a link between her operations and two shell companies accused of deceiving the Belgian government and laundering money from Colombia.

“Based on all available information and testimonies, we came to the conclusion that all charges are not based on reason and do not reflect reality,” the exchange said. “Bitfinex has not been the subject of an official investigation in any of the world’s jurisdictions, based on allegations made in the Polish media. This means that the responsible authorities have not found any reason to take action based on these statements regarding the Bitfinex platform.”

The company also noted that its users had no problems accessing their accounts or funds because of any law enforcement actions conducted in its relation.

Rumors about the possible involvement of the exchange in questionable operations filled the network last week after one of the popular Polish portals linked the arrest of funds in one of the Polish banks in the case of money laundering of drug cartels with the Bitfinex exchange. It is known that criminals have resorted to using a certain platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency, but its name is not mentioned in official reports.

Representatives of the Bitfinex exchange reported that they are not involved in this situation and that an investigation is being conducted on this issue. When revealing new facts, representatives promised to immediately report this in the company’s blog.

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