Bitcoin wallet added to the app store Huawei

Bitcoin wallet added to the app store Huawei


Huawei Technologies Co., the Chinese company, engaging in multinational communication technologies, declared, that the users of mobile phones would be able to load the Bitcoin wallets (BTC) on the new devices of Huawei, since Friday, Bloomberg repost.

Huawei produces the Bitcoin wallet of in the shop of appendixes of AppGallery, that will be preliminary set on all new smartphones of Huawei, according to Alejandro de la Torre, vice-president on business-operations on It is reported that this will be the first application for digital currencies, Huawei offered on devices.

Access to the appendixes, such as, limit in China, as a government blocks Google Play Store Android and some parts of App Store from Apple. While Chinese authorities closed cryptocurrency exchanges and forbade to offer primary chinks, people can own cryptocurrencies still. De la Torre  said:

“It is good possibility to go out to the Chinese market. The use of cashless payments with appendixes is very great, and the traditional banking system is not enough, therefore there is a good precedent for crypto  payments, that raise there “.

It was reported in March, that Huawei planned to work out a smartphone, that will support the decentralized applications (DApp) working on technology of blockchain. Last year Huawei sent 90,9 million Units to the Chinese market, where on the stake of dominant market share there is 20,4%. The world market of Huawei made a 11,8 percent in the first quarter of 2018. Jaime Gonzalo, vice-president of mobile service Huawei, said in a statement:

“From our leading position in China, top of spear of mobile payments, we expect that in the near future we will see the mass height of the generally accepted skills of the use of cryptocurrency”.

Last month Huawei declared the start of platform of Blockchain – as – a – Service (BaaS) oriented to intellectual development of contracts, “high-performance, high-performance and high-performance technological platform blockchain for enterprises and developers”.

Meantime, by the end 2019 year China plans to produce the national standards of sectional chain. It is reported that an already working group already began the prosecution of project.

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