Bitcoin may be subject to parliamentary investigation in the UK


Former Education Minister and Chairman of the Treasury Committee in the British Parliament, Nicky Morgan, said that lawmakers will conduct an investigation into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in order to find out how much capital investors are at risk. This is reported by Standard.

“We intend to thoroughly study the cryptocurrency industry. We have some concerns … The UK Financial Supervision Authority and the Bank of England have already stated that bitcoin investors should be fully aware of the risks that could potentially lead to the loss of all invested capital,” Morgan said.

Despite the fact that Morgan recognizes the need to constantly implement technological innovations and believes that the UK should be at the forefront of global progress, she believes that the lives of many people will be threatened because of the potential collapse of the market for cryptocurrency.

“For many people, investing in cryptocurrencies can be a fatal mistake, and we do not want to admit it,” the parliamentarian added.

Earlier reported, that British mortgage lenders refuse to cooperate with bitcoin investors who have grown rich on the growth rate of the сryptocurrency.

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