Bitcoin Diamond – the thief of Christmas and bitcoins


The manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger warned users about fraudulent schemes related to the hard fork Bitcoin Diamond (BCD). In particular, we are talking about sites that offer bitcoin holders to get BCD coins.

Bitcoin Diamond is one of the many forks of bitcoin, the creators of which announced their intention to issue a new cryptocurrency in November.

Details of the project, for the most part, are unknown, developers are feeding the public with vague promises to increase the speed of processing transactions, and futures for BCD traded on two dozen exchanges.

As informs Ledger, malefactors use trustfulness of bitcoin holders who technically have the right to receive equivalent balances in BCD, luring them to a lot of sites with the help of which it is supposedly possible to get a new cryptocurrency.

Ledger’s warning supplements suspicions concerning the developers of the hard fork itself and their true goals. So, in one of the posts on the Medium blogger bitcoinblooddiamond calls the BCD” a scam of incredible proportions”, pointing to the questionable activity in social networks, the lack of technical details and possible cooperation with the stock exchange cryptocurrency.

“Bitcoin Diamond is not like the previous forks (Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold). Bitcoin Diamond is a scam with huge red flags,” he writes.

However, despite the statements of the developers, Bitcoin Diamond may not see the light at all.

“Bitcoin Diamond does not have any blockchain and code. This is a scum designed specifically to steal your bitcoins. If you keep Bitcoin Diamond, sell them immediately,” writes the blogger.

Recall, previously a similar scheme was used by the swindler, who stole $ 3.3 million from bitcoin holders, who wanted to get the coins of hard fork Bitcoin Gold.

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