will issue a Visa debit card with Bitcoin Cash support


It seems that Bitcoin Cash is not going to give up, despite the fact that all attention has recently been paid to bitcoin in connection with the launch of futures on the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Roger Ver, one of the most active supporters of the alternative bitcoin version, in his Twitter, announced that the portal is preparing to launch a Visa debit card with Bitcoin Cash support.

Ver continues to state that Bitcoin Cash, which appeared as a result of the forking of the largest crypto currency on August 1, 2017, is a real bitcoin, arguing that it has more in common with the one-sided electronic payment system Satoshi Nakamoto.

According to Ver, the Bitcoin Core bitcoin development team has spoiled the crypto currency, as evidenced by the increased commissions and the confirmation time of transactions. The solution to the problem of Ver sees in the increase in the size of the block. He and other Bitcoin Cash supporters argue that bitcoin needs 8MB blocks to cope with the ever-increasing number of transactions.

However, representatives of the bitcoin community are slow to abandon the original crypto currency, which, according to Neitz Kodrick, CEO of Bitstamp, led to a confrontation comparable to the war between Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Probably, the issue of a debit card for making purchases in Bitcoin Cash will make this crypto currency one step closer to being a payment tool, while bitcoin, which has proved itself as a means of accumulation or “digital gold,” can not boast of such advantages.

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