Binance topped $30 million round of financing of anonymous cryptocurrency MobileCoin

Binance topped $30 million round of financing of anonymous cryptocurrency MobileCoin


The Binance Exchange has topped the $30 million round of financing of the anonymous MobileCoin cryptocurrency. This project was written in his blog on Medium, noting that the exchange invested funds through its own blockchain-incubator Binance Labs.

Cryptocurrency uses the Stellar consensus protocol (SCP) and intends to make anonymous transactions its main purpose, while at the same time providing an opportunity for simple integration of payment solutions on its own basis into instant messengers such as WhatsApp and Signal, which in their work use the principle of end-to-end encryption.

“MobileCoin, which is oriented towards mobile devices and users of cryptocurrency, plays a key role in the widespread use of cryptocurrency,” Binance Labs said.

Earlier, the American exchange Coinbase reported on the creation of its own venture division, however, it decided not to invest in cryptocurrency assets, as this could cause conflict of interests and problems with regulators.

Binance promised to consider the issue of listing MobileCoin “on a priority basis.”

In addition to working with Binance, MobileCoin boasts the presence of Moxi Marlinspike, the founder of Signal’s messenger, in his team as a technical consultant.

Nevertheless, not all consider this factor to be decisive.

“Be skeptical of this. It is rumored that @moxie hardly has anything to do with the immediate development of this product,” wrote the creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, in his Twitter. “The lack of source code in the public domain is not his style.”

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