Binance Exchange promises to resume trading in the near future


Binance Exchange has announced the completion of technical work and is preparing to resume trading on the platform at 10:00 AM GTM.

Before that, users can cancel active orders, enter / withdraw funds and use other functions associated with their accounts.

Recall that the technical work on Binance began on Thursday morning and initially should not have affected the basic functionality of the trading platform, but the difficulties in synchronizing the database caused the unavailability of the exchange for 36 hours.

As an apology for the inconvenience, Binance will reduce the commission by 70% (0.03% per transaction, 0.015% when paying BNB tokens) until February 24.

As explained by the CEO site Changpeng Zhao, among other things, DDoS-attack was subjected to the operator of the cloud platform Binance, but this problem has already been resolved.

While technical work was continuing, some representatives of the crypto community began to assume that the exchange was concealing something, for example, that it might have been hacked. Among other things, John McAfee wrote about his suspicions.

In recent days, the cryptocurrency market has been characterized by lower volatility, and the volume of trading on all exchanges has decreased, which, probably, helped to neutralize the negative effect of protracted technical works. In addition, at this time for most of the cryptocurrencies presented at Binance, traders could find alternative trading platforms. Those who want to trade, for example, Bluzelle (BLZ), can only wait.

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