Binance CEO commented the listing price of the cryptocurrency on the exchange

Binance CEO commented the listing price of the cryptocurrency on the exchange


CEO of the Binance Exchange Changpeng Zhao responded to accusations that his company is taking 400 bitcoins or about $2.4 million for listing the cryptocurrency.

Zhao said that Binance chooses projects in accordance with their qualities, and not the ability to pay a high commission fee. He mentioned that Ethereum, NEO, XRP, EOS, Monero, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies hit Binance without paying a cent for it.

Commenting on the screenshot of the email, promulgated by the co-founder of the Expansse blockchain-platform, Christopher Franko, Zhao said that the submitted message was sent by fraudsters, and Binance has nothing to do with him. He also drew attention to the fact that Binance never sets the price in bitcoins and does not mean it in emails.

“All complaints about the fees for listing come from projects that do not enter our stock exchange. In other words, we did not take money from them and did not even ask for it. It’s not a commission, but a project. Of course, there are many great projects that are not yet available on Binance. We are working on this,” he wrote. “Finally, attempts to promote my project through my Twitter will not lead to anything. If I could, I would take retaliatory measures, but I no longer participate in the listing process, even to such a degree.”

This week, the co-founder of Expanse, Christopher Franco, in his Twitter said that he contacted Binance through his official email address and then he learned about the rates of the exchange. He doubted that he was in correspondence with someone who was not a representative of the company and offered Binance to name the real price of the listing if she claims that the message he had published is not true, but this question was not answered.

Meanwhile, the South Korean project CyClean continues to insist that it was agreed by Binance, which stated that it does not have a listing agreement with it.

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