Bikers have stolen a crypto millionaire and robbed him of $ 1.8 million on air

Bikers have stolen a crypto millionaire and robbed him of $ 1.8 million on air


On Tuesday, three members of a gang of bikers from the Bronx appeared before the Manhattan court. They are accused of kidnapping a cryptocurrency millionaire and armed robbery worth $ 1.8 million.

On November 4, 2017, the head of the criminal group, 38-year-old Fuego Guzman, 36-year-old Allan (Joker) Nunez, 37-year-old Darrell (Bishop) Colon and 35-year-old Luiz Foeha, crouching victim and lured into the car under a kind of Uber-taxi.

Criminals held a millionaire, threatening with a gun and demanded to provide keys to the ethereum-wallet, until he gave up. Criminals managed to steal 1.8 million dollars on air.

As reported by the publication NY Daily News, citing the words of the prosecutor James Vinokur, everyone played his role in armed robbery:

“Colon hid in the back seat, then jumped out and, threatening the victim with weapons, demanded to give off the broadcasts. Nunez continued to drive the car for two hours, until the victim, unable to withstand the pressure, did not give out his password of 24 words. Mesa, who got into the surveillance cameras survey, and Guzman with visible tattoos on his face, meanwhile, robbed the victim’s apartment by stealing his digital wallet with 1.8 million dollars in cryptocurrency … The investigation showed that Guzman had drawn accomplices from the Bronx motorcyclist club, in which they all consisted of. ”

The millionaire managed to escape, he ran “two blocks, then found a grocery store and called 911,” the prosecution said. One of the gang members and friend of the victim, Mesa, was brought to court in December.

The defense in the person of Rob Georges tried to negotiate a release under a small bail, insisting that the criminals simply do not have the money.

“[Nunez] did not use violence,” added the lawyer.

Judge Melissa Jackson demanded for release on bail Nunez – $ 50,000, Colon – $ 75,000, Guzman – $ 100,000.

All three refused to admit blame for theft of property on a particularly large scale and kidnapping. They face up to 25 years in prison.

Earlier this year, Taiwanese police arrested four suspects in the bitocaine embezzlement case, for a total of 5 million Taiwan dollars ($ 170,000). Then the four men also lured the victim and threatened with weapons, in order to gain access to the cryptocurrency assets.

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