"Attack of 51%" on Zencash blockchain brought to attackers $550 thousand

“Attack of 51%” on Zencash blockchain brought to attackers $550 thousand


ZenCash – service working on the algorithm Proof of Work is attacked. As a result of the double spending a hacker stole assets to the amount of $550 thousand

ZenCash – it fork ZClassic – platform that in turn is fork ZCash. It so, by the way. On June, 3, 2018 ZenCash hacked: someone took possession mainly to network power and got thus control above all network. It is named a 51% attack.

A malefactor reconstructed the structure blockchain several times, thus the greatest recoil made 38 blocks. Id est controlled power was enough in an order to rewrite information in thirty eight previous blocks of network.

51crypto, a resource estimating expenses on realization a 51% attack for different services, counted up, that breaking of ZenCash had treated to the hacker all in $30 thousand Hacker did not hurry: in times attack a network had time to generate 110 blocks. In ZenCash such amount of blocks is created approximately after four hours.

A hacker succeeded to accomplish two large repeated transactions. One on 13 thousand ZEN second –  on 6 600 ZEN. As a result of this attack a network shorted assets to the amount of more than $550 thousand

Lately quite a bit blockchain services suffered from a 51% attack. In the middle in May hackers broke up Bitcoin Gold, stealing 388 201 BTG (approximately $16 million). But service Verge became a record-holder on such type of attacks. For a few last months a platform was broken up three times – in April and twice in May. In the first time hacker poskromnichal, stealing all $13 725. But during the May attacks a network lost 35 million XVG ($1, 75 millions) at least.

We will remind, in May the “a 51% attack” was accomplished on the network  Verge and Bitcoin Gold.

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